Sharpeners for toothed - model OS-2 and smooth - model OS-2K knives / blades for kebab

Easy-to-use and trouble-free devices for sharpening circular saw blades for kebab. They can be used both by professional sharpening rooms and restaurants. They do not require special operator qualifications, it is enough to read the operating manual.

Technical data

Type of the blade toothed smooth
Diameter of sharpened balls Ø80 - Ø150 mm Ø80 - Ø150 mm
The rotation of the grinding wheel 2900 rpm 2900 rpm
Grinding wheel Ø150 x Ø20 x 3 Ø150 x Ø20 x 6
Installed power 0,18 kW / 230 V 0,18 kW / 230 V
Weight 19 kg 20 kg
Dimensions 450 x 500 x H320 mm 380 x 340 x H380 mm

Instructional videos


OS-K2 smooth blade

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