Sharpener for frame saw blades with carbides OP-HM

The sharpener is used to sharpen frame saw blades with carbides teeth. It was created to sharpen the blades used in the PRP-58 frame saw. Is a necessary equipment to saw very hard wood.

Technical data

Length of sharpening slat saws: up to 1000 m
Width of sharpened saws: to 100 mm
Height of sharpened teeth depending on the profile: 5 to 15 mm
Pitch of sharpened teeth: minimum 10 mm
Range of sharpening rake angle: 8° - 18°
Range of sharpened slants of clearance angles: to 20°
400V drives: spindles 0.37 kW / 2800 rpm
TYPE 4A2 or CKE D diamond grinding wheel with hole: Ø 150 mm
Ø 32 mm
Sharpener dimensions: 700 x 700 x H1250 mm
Sharpener weight: 60 kg

Instructional videos

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