PRP-58, PRP-58W

PRP-58 cuts logs of any length and diameter up to 350 mm. The PRP-58W saw, thanks to increasing the vertical clearance between the rollers to 430 mm, can cut thicker logs.

The horizontal frame clearance of 580 mm enables cutting even very thick logs in the case of prior, one or two-sided cutting on a band sawmill. Many technical innovations have been applied in the saw, including: dynamic tension of the blades, a special openwork construction of the saws, a device for introducing short logs (meters), and a set for their quick feeding.

The structure of the feeding trolleys has also been completely changed in relation to the traditional ones. They can be used with minimal conversion to long and short wood.

PRP-58 and PRP-58W, apart from the function of a traditional sawmill, successfully performs the role of a multi-rip saw, a disc saw for a “pallet machine”, and in all applications it is characterized by a very small kerf.

Technical data

PRP-58 PRP-58 W
The horizontal clearance of the saw frame 580 mm 580 mm
Vertical clearance between the rollers 350 mm 430 mm
Saw frame stroke 300 mm 300 mm
Main shaft rotational speed 330 rpm 330 rpm
Working feed 0,5 - 2,5 m/min 0,5 - 2,5 m/min
Blade dimensions (length x width x thickness) 815 x 70 x 1,6 mm 915 x 70 x 2,0 mm
Maximum number of saws 12 10
Main engine 15,0kW/400 V (or 11 kW) 15,0 kW/400 V (or 18,5 kW)
Feed motor 0,75kW/400V 0,75kW/400V
Hydraulic pump motor 0,75kW/400V 0,75kW/400V
Lubrication pump motor 0,18 kW 0,18 kW
The minimum length of the sawn log 1,8 m 1,8 m
Minimum wiping length with special accessories 1,2 m 1,2 m
Minimum abrasion thickness (boards) 13mm - standard
(9mm - single saw assembly)
13 mm
The height of the sawing of the log above the ground 880 mm 880 mm
The height of the track above the ground 600 mm 600 mm
Roller pressure hydraulic hydraulic
Overall dimensions of the saw 1.20 x 1.70 x height 2.10 m 1.20 x 1.70 x height 2.20 m
Total length of the complex with track 10,00 m 10,00 m
Weight with standard equipment 3500 kg 3600 kg

Instructional videos

PRP-58 - NEW output reception from May 2024

PRP-58 Frame Saw (2022) working at a customer's site in Romania (Barcani Covasna, Brasov - Transylvania)

Assembly and disassembly the blades in the frame PRP-58

Removal of frame play on sliding blocks PRP-58 | WRP-58

Lubrication of PRP-58 (& WRP-58) Frame Saw

NEW!!! Sawdust receiver

Combination of hydraulic trolley and longitudinal take-off at the output

Longitudinal lumber reception

PRP-58 - hydraulic trolleys

OW-4 - badly sharpened saw blades for the PRP-58 sawmill from a certain sawmill

Compliance of saw blade linearity setting with respect to the frame stroke in PRP-58 frame saw

PRP-58 and PKZ-10 cutting logs

Side take-off of lumber

Renovation of the PRP-58 cutting head from 1999

Titanium frame tests (360 rpm)

Foundation of PRP-58

Foundation of PRP-58 tracks

For the prism - blocks

For the logs

Roll scrapers

Oak cut - length 2.5 meters

Performance of PRP-58

Mechanical unit of feeding and collecting the log

Mechanical unit of feeding and collecting the log II


PRP-58 - 18 cm prism cut at one of our clients

PRP-58 saw working at one of our clients