About us

The company “Metal Plant Stefan Drozdowski” , currently specializing in the production of machines for woodworking and sawmilling, continues the long tradition started in 1949 by Stefan’s father – Józef Drozdowski. In addition to typical services in the metal industry, the plant also produced agricultural tools and machines. In 1982, Stefan Drozdowski built new facilities for the needs of the Department.

Its machinery was constantly modernized, a new range of products appeared, including, inter alia, the export production of mufflers for motorcycles for the Italian market. At the same time, the first examples of the currently produced sharpening machines and other machines and devices for wood processing and processing were built.

Metal Plant

Currently, the plant has its own technical facilities which enable constant development and modernization of the manufactured products that meet the high requirements of modern wood processing technology. Modern in terms of design solutions, easy to use, they are characterized by very good quality and failure-free workmanship.

A large part of the production is exported to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, India, South Africa and Thailand.