Automatic oil pump P-8

The pump has eight sections, so you can direct separate pressure to each lubrication point. Independent oiling sections guarantee reliable lubrication, even with self-unblocking of the lubrication points. The electronic control module allows you to precisely set the optimal oil consumption depending on the nature of the mechanisms work.

The advantages of the pump make it particularly useful for lubricating the sliding systems of frames of vertical sawmills and other similar devices.

Technical data

Lubricant: oil
Working pressure: 10 bar
Number of sections: 8
Performance: 0,1 - 20 l / 8 h
Tank capacity: 4 l
Drive: 0,18 kW/230V or 0,18kW/400V
Mass: 22kg
Dimensions: 0,42 x 0,22 x 0,35 m
Installation accessories included: - copper tube 5-10m
- tube assembly terminals M10x1.25 - 16 pcs.

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