Log positioning hydraulic system

The hydraulic system was built to facilitate the manipulation of the logs to be cut, especially the large ones of considerable mass. It can be installed on the band saws TTM-800 and TTM-1100, both on the new models as well as on the old ones.

The design of the device allows for easy installation on old saws as well as on currently produced models. Installing hydraulic segments anywhere on the track and in any spacing allows easy adaptation to the range of sawn logs.
The complete hydraulic system has the following functions: log rotation, leveling and clamping.
The installation of the hydraulic system does not exclude work on standard manual tools with which the saws are equipped.

Technical data

Hydraulic pump drive: 1,5 kW/400V
Hydraulic distributor 8-section manual
Components of the set: hydraulic unit
spacing working segments pcs. 2
screw support pc. 1
hydraulic hoses, quick couplers 5m - 8 pcs hydraulic hoses, quick couplers 7m - 8 pcs
Permissible weight of the manipulated log 2200 kg
Maximum diameter of the processed log 0,90 m
Maximum length of the log to be processed 8,00 m
The weight of the complete system 700 kg
Overall dimensions of the folded system for transport 1,00 m x 1,60 m x wys. 0,90 m

Instructional videos