LOG DECK and feeder PKZ-10

The log feeder was created as a machine accompanying band or frame saws in order to facilitate the storage and feeding of raw material for sawing. The construction of the feeder includes a dual function – a feeder-ramp and a log feeder. The innovative solution of independent drives for each section allows for easy adaptation of the feeder to different log lengths. Automatically extendable arms allow the cutting head or frame carts to pass freely next to the feeder.

Technical data

Log bin capacity: 5-7 m3 (according to the order)
Length of logs fed: 2 - 8 m
Maximum log weight: 800 kg
Log feeding height: 0.4 - 1.5 m (according to the order)
Installed power: 2x 1,5 kW
Extension arms: 1,1 m – option
Set dimensions: - feeder length - 1.90 m
- length of the ramp - up to 4 m (according to the order)
Kit weight: - 2 x 370 kg feeders
- 2 x 130 kg ramps
- 50 kg control system
- total weight 1050 kg (with a 2.5 m ramp)

Instructional videos