Sharpener for narrow band saw blades OW-4

The machine sharpens the band saw blades semi-automatically. The tooth parameters are being changed manually. Grinding wheel is driven by motor but feed of the blade is driven by motoreducer. Smooth adjustment of grinding wheel stroke (up-down) gives the possibilities of adjustment of different tooth heights. The basic tooth pitch is 22 mm (other pitches to individual order)

The machine is equipped with a cam which enables many modifications of the tooth profile by various combinations of the positions of the driver.
One rotation of the cam completes the sharpening cycle of one tooth.
The sharpener is equipped with a pump to cool the tooth during the sharpening process.
The machine must be set steadily or fixed to the floor.

Technical data

Length of sharpened band saws: 2400 - 5000 mm
Width of sharpened band saws: 15 – 60 mm
Height of sharpened teeth: 4 - 7 mm
Rake angle range: 10 - 200
Pitch of sharpened teeth: 22 mm (12 - 32 mm on request)
Sharpening speed: 40 teeth / min
Electric drive : - spindle: electric motor 0.18 kW / 400V / 2800 r.p.m.
- feed: electric motor 0.15 kW / 400V / 900 r.p.m.
Grinding wheel (profiles automatically!): diameter 150 mm x thickness 6 mm x hole 20
or 30 mm (CBN ϕ 150 mm)
Machine dimensions: 800 x 700 x H 1300 mm
Machine weight: 120 kg

Instructional videos

OW-4 - badly sharpened saw blades for the PRP-58 sawmill from a certain sawmill

OW-4 - repair of a borazon-sharpened saw

OW-4 - used for saw blades for PRP-58 frame sawmill

OW-4 - application for saw blades with carbides (scoring tooth)


OW-4 - Borazon

OW-4 - an old but good sharpener sent for repair from our client

OW-4 (2008 model)

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