The TT-700 horizontal band saw is designed for longitudinal cutting of logs. The ease of manipulating the thickness of subsequent cuts and the ability to review the quality of the raw material after each discovery make the machine very useful in the production of a wide range of products. Low cost, easy installation of the machine and low energy consumption make it a device that meets the latest requirements for machine tools in wood processing technology.

Technical data

Thickness of the sawn log (max.) 800 mm
without log rotation / the clearance between the rollers 725 mm
(770mm *)
Length of the processed log (standard version) 5,20 m
Track length (standard version): 6,50 m
Installed power: 7.5 kW / 400V main motor
1.1 kW / 400V vertical feed drive
0.18 kW roller feed drive
Horizontal feed (front-back): manual
Vertical feed speed (up-down): 20 mm / sec
Cutting band parameters: - length 4.00 m (4.13 m *)
- width 32–35 mm
- thickness 0.9–1.0 mm
- tooth pitch 22 mm
Dimensions of the cutting unit: 1,20 x 2,05 x h. 1,35 m
Total mass 820 kg including:
- 450 kg cutting unit
- 6.5 m track 250 kg
- 120 kg track accessories

Instructional videos

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