WRP-58, WRP-38

The multi-saw is designed to work as a resaw. He wipes the logs previously with piles.
Machines are perfect for working with band and frame saws. Both models have an electronically regulated central lubrication system for the frame guides. Oil consumption 0.3 to 0.4 liters for 8 hours of operation.

The WRP-58 model is designed for cutting piles into traditional lumber: boards, square timber, battens.
The WRP-38 model was introduced into production for the purpose of sawing very thin boards and lamellas.

Technical data

WRP-58 WRP-38
Horizontal clearance 580 mm 380 mm
Working width 420 mm 220 mm
Vertical clearance - prism height 350 mm 240 mm
Saw frame stroke 300 mm 300 mm
Main shaft rotational speed 320 rpm 360 rpm
Working feed 0,30-2,0 m/min 0,30 – 2,30 m/min
Basic dimensions of saw blades (mm) Length x width x thickness x kerf 815 x70 x1,6 x2,6
815 x60 x1,4 x2,2
815 x40 x1,0 x1,6
715 x70 x1,6 x2,6
715 x60 x1,4 x2,2
715 x40 x 1,0 x1,6
Maximum number of saws to be installed 12 16
1.0 mm thin saws 24 36
The minimum thickness of the abrasion of the board 13 mm 10 mm
on thin saw holders 9 mm 4,5 mm
The minimum length of the rubbed prism 900 mm 500 mm
The height of the pile feeding above the ground 880 mm 880 mm
Roller clamps hydraulic hydraulic
Installed power:
- Main engine
- Feed motor
- Hydraulic pump motor
- Lubrication pump motor

15 kW or 11 kW
0,75 kW/400V
0,75 kW/400V
0,18 kW

7,5 kW or 11 kW
0,75 kW /400V
0,75 kW /400V
0,18 kW/400V
Overall dimensions of the saw 3,0 x 1,7 x h.2,1m 3,0 x 1,5 x h.2,1m
Weight of the saw with accessories 3000 kg 2850 kg

Instructional videos

WRP-48 - slats cutting - 5x70 mm, wet pine, 36 pcs. of blades

WRP-48 Oak - slats cutting - 6mm

WRP-48 - cutting slats 5x70 mm , pine, 36 pcs. of blades

Efficiency 60m3/8h