Sharpeners for carbide tipped circular saw blades OSW-5AX

The sharpener is designed for sharpening circular saws with sintered carbide in an automatic cycle. Fast, simple operation and a wide range of tooth types that can be sharpened make the machine very functional.

The electronic module allows you to program the number of tooth sharpening, after which the sharpening cycle is automatically stopped.

The electric pump ensures proper cooling of the tooth sharpening area.

Technical data

Range of sharpened diameters: 100 to 900 mm
Types of sharpened teeth: GM, GS, GT, GW, GD, GA, GR/GM
Range of sharpened angles of attack: - 5 to +35 degrees
Range of sharpened clearance angles: 14 to 25 degrees
Range of angles of sharpened oblique planes: 0 to 45 degrees left-right
Flat diamond grinding wheel type 4A2: 150 x 32 x 6 x 2
Feed rate: 20 teeth / min
Tooth pitch: 8 to 80 mm
Drive motors: - grinding wheels: 0.37kW / 400V / 2800 rpm
- feed: 0.18kW / 400V / 450 rpm
- electropumps: 0.1kW / 400V / 2800 rpm
Sharpener dimensions (m): 0.90 x 1.00 x h 1.50
Net weight: 400 kg

Instructional videos

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