Sharpening machine for bandsaw and circularsaw blades OPT-4

This machine is a modified version of OWM-4M sharpener being produced for 15 years for the woodworking industry. The set of the various cams and the easy change of the tooth pitch and height during work enable the user to get every tooth shape.

Technical data

Length of sharpened saws: - belt: 2000-5500mm
- rail: 300-900mm
Diameter of sharpened circular saws and cutters: 60-300 mm
Width of sharpened saws: 10-100mm
Height of sharpened teeth: 2-12mm
Pitch of sharpened teeth: 2-38mm
Range of sharpening rake angle: 2-28 deg
Sharpening speed: 40-60 or 60-120 teeth / min (option as ordered)
Installed power: 0,55 kW/400V
Grinding wheel parameters: - diameter: 150mm
- thickness: 2-8mm (depending on the tooth pitch)
- hole: 20 or 32mm
Sharpener dimensions: 1,00 x 0,70 x H 1,40 m
Net weight of the sharpener: 145kg

Instructional videos


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