Metal band sawing machines PM-230

Saws are used for transverse cutting of profiles and metal bars.
They can be used not only in craft plants, but also in production departments of large industrial plants.
The method of fixing the material to be cut enables easy adjustment of the cutting angle in the range of 90 to 45 degrees. The arm with the cutting band is raised manually, while the working feed is regulated by the throttle valve of the hydraulic cylinder.

Technical data

Power 400V, 1,1 kW
Belt speed 48, 60, 75 m/min
Belt size 2800 x 20 x 0,9
Dimensions 1,50 x 0,7 x H1,20
Mass 380
Raise / Fall Manual / Hydraulic
90° 45° L-R 60° L
230 210 110
220 200 100
300x200 210x150 110x80

Instructional videos

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