Automatic band saw form metal PA-240

The cutter was designed on the basis of the PM-350 cutter, which has been produced for many years. It is equipped with a reliable, hydraulic material feeding system working on the principle of a hydraulic buffer. The preset cut length is measured in the vice’s return stroke. The length of the cut is corrected using a micro-screw with a scale of 0.10mm. The number of cuts is counted from the set number to zero, and then the cycle is completed, which is signaled on the display.

Technical data

Maximum cross-sections of materials to be cut in an automatic cycle:
- at an angle of 90 °

- at an angle of 45 °
Round machine ϕ 240 mm
square 220 x 220 mm

round ϕ 240 mm
square 240 x 240 mm
Maximum cross-sections of the materials to be cut:
- at an angle of 90 °
Round machine ϕ 300 mm
rectangular 240 x 400 mm
Cutting band parameters: 3400 x 27 x 0,9 mm
Cutting Speeds: 48 - 61 - 77 m/min
Installed power: - main engine: 1.50 kW / 400V
- electropump: 0.10 kW / 400V
- hydraulic pump: 0.55 kW / 400V
Work surface height: 800 mm
Maximum material feed: 550 mm
Last material handle: - in an automatic cycle: 110mm
- in a manual cycle: 50mm
Accuracy of administration in the automatic cycle: +/- 0,1 mm
Machine dimensions: 2000 x 1800 x height 1450 mm
Cutter weight: 850 kg

Instructional videos

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