Manual teeth setter for frame saw blades R-T

The teeth setter is very easy to operate and failure-free. When pressing the lever, two teeth are being set to the opposite sides at the same time. The return move of the lever moves the saw blade by the next two teeth and the cycle starts again. Inconvenient and laborious teeth setting becomes easy and quick with this device.

Technical data

Set size: up to 1.0 mm per side
Accuracy of setting: + / - 0,05 mm
Work speed: 40 teeth / min
Saw width: 70 - 180 mm
Tooth pitch: 25mm
Tooth Height: 10-20 mm, optimal 16 mm
Length of saws: any
Thickness of saws: 2.0 - 2.2 mm, optimal 2.2 mm
Total mass : - with a stand: 55 kg
- without a stand: 20 kg

Instructional videos


R-T old model from before 2000

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